If your company is in the offshore industry, you need CrewChange. CrewChange completely handles personnel movement, management, certifications, qualifications, jobs, crews, applicants, and personnel safety record keeping all at the same time. No more white boards and markers, no more digging through personnel files, no more spreadsheets tracking certifications, no more guessing period. CrewChange allows full, intelligent management at any and all levels and departments visually and digitally.

The Benefits of Using CrewChange:

  • View all new applicants immediately from the Control Center
  • Track all jobs and job requirements at the click of a button
  • Know where your personnel are located.
  • Track the type of personnel and applicants by job title instantly.
  • Track all personnel certifications and requirements in seconds.
  • Digitally store all personnel certifications and personnel photos.
  • Create manifest rosters for your next crewchange in seconds.
  • CrewChange allows multiple points of data entry simultaneously.
  • Schedule and contact personnel assigned to rotating crewchanges.
  • Active Job requirement system in place so personnel can not be assigned to jobs they are not qualified for
  • - And many, many more features.

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